The Magic

Two brothers catch up over the phone. One of them reflects on his career in magic and has to admit that things aren’t going particularly well.


About the podcast

James and I improvise short surreal audio plays, where people have to adapt when the rules stop making sense. These plays are available as a podcast from iTunes and a range of other podcast apps. Each episode is some combination of gentle, wry, funny and unsettling. They play with the boundaries between things that feel real and things that feel absurd.

They are two Jameses based in London, UK where they perform as part of the improv comedy group Classic Andy. James Irving also performs with Impromptu Shakespeare, Bumper Blyton, The Concept and Dreamweaver Quartet. James Haskin has performed in the Nursery house team Parkin and Nursery Originals: Behind the Scenes at Studio Mandelbrot and United. They perform regularly at The Nursery Theatre, in a live version of the show which has been described as “weird”.

Some great London-based improvisers have contributed to the podcast, with episodes featuring Rhiannon Vivian, Jennifer Jordan and Trilly Chatterjee.

A Ninja Slob Drew Me creates a unique soundtrack for each episode. He is a music producer and performer from Southampton, who improvises atmospheric compositions using a seven string bass and laptop. As well as composing music for the James and I podcast, A Ninja Slob Drew Me has a variety of albums available on a pay what you want basis from Bandcamp. He has had his music played on BBC Radio 6 Music and Amazing Radio. MintSouth described it as "chill-out music that is both awe inspiring for the musicians in the crowd and tastefully exquisite listening for the casual music fan".

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Previous episodes:


Two friends are on holiday together, but one of them is struggling to keep up. He sits down on a bench for a moment, but soon dozes off.


Home feat. James Witt

Sophie and her husband Graham regret letting Sophie’s cousin Claire stay with them when she gets a bit too comfortable and starts to take over the house.


Field Trip feat. James Witt

Malcolm, Justin and and Francis head out into a field, hoping to put all the stresses of the city behind them. Can they ever truly clear their minds and focus on nothing?



John is in the studio recording an audio book and everything seems to be going well so far, if only he can stay professional and stop getting distracted by the construction site across the road.


Keeping Pace

A couple are chatting as they walk out in the countryside. The walk seems to go on for ages. One of them tries to enjoy it. The other wishes they could speed up.


The Money

Two pensioners stand outside a house, trying to work out how to get a new sofa inside. Daphne is wondering why she offered to help with this latest impulse buy and whether they can get through it without argument or someone putting their back out.


Hair feat. Trilly Chatterjee

A woman visits a quiet hairdressers, just hoping for a haircut. She encounters a passive aggressive hairdresser and his stressed, balding manager and ends up losing more than she had planned.

An audio play for Halloween by James and I, featuring Trilly Chatterjee.



Outside a small house with ivy growing up the walls, two women chat about pens, bingo and online shopping.



Two explorers pace out into a vast snow covered landscape. One is inexperienced and feeling nervous. One is a seasoned expert. Neither know if they will ever return.