Keeping Pace

A couple are chatting as they walk out in the countryside. The walk seems to go on for ages. One of them tries to enjoy it. The other wishes they could speed up.

This audio play was improvised by James Irving and James Haskin.

Recorded and mixed by James Haskin.

Music improvised by A Ninja Slob Drew Me, who has music available for free at Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Nature sound by Klankbeeld on
“Footsteps, Muddy, E.wav” sound by InspectorJ ( on
“Footsteps on muddy road” sound by CaganCelik on
“Coat Foley Coat Hits” sound by TRNGLE on
“backpack” sound by j1987 on
“Knock on the door” sound by HunteR4708 on
“Rattling at an iron gate” sound by launemax on
“Squeaky Metal Fence” sound by meggiepie on

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