Hair feat. Trilly Chatterjee

A woman visits a quiet hairdressers, just hoping for a haircut. She encounters a passive aggressive hairdresser and his stressed, balding manager and ends up losing more than she had planned.

An audio play for Halloween by James and I, featuring Trilly Chatterjee.

Improvised by Trilly Chatterjee, James Irving and James Haskin.

Trilly Chatterjee is an obsessive audiophile and serial hobbyist. He directs and hosts Soundcheck – the improv show of amusing musical musings. He also improvises with Somewhat Theatre and All The Normal People, and has previously improvised with T-Minus, Ripcord & MissImp Nottingham.

Recorded and mixed by James Haskin.

Music improvised by A Ninja Slob Drew Me, who has music available for free at Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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