No Pressure feat. Rhiannon Vivian

David is nervous about his GCSE exams and the level of support offered by his parents doesn’t seem to be helping.


Void feat. Audra Goffeney

"Void" cover image

Alone at night in an observatory, two people on a date consider the vastness of the universe whilst waiting for their takeaway to arrive. The universe has other plans.


Substitution feat. Trilly Chatterjee

Two mathematicians have been finding a series of post-it notes dotted around the office, written in code. After decoding them, they are ready to talk about the contents with the colleague who wrote them.


Flash Flood feat. Audra Goffeney

A couple are alone in a countryside cottage during a storm, until they meet a friendly local farmer, who has no idea what he has let himself in for.


Let It Out

Two co-workers try to stretch and let out their emotions in a designated relaxation room, but keep getting distracted by each other and the increasingly involved set of rules that one of them insists on.


The Watch

A man locks himself out of his house and is forced to make conversation with his neighbour whilst they wait.


The Plan

A man is trying to help his master move house, but before they can start, they need the perfect plan.



A young man struggles on his vision quest. No matter how hard he focuses, he still can’t see anything.



A father takes his gaming obsessed teenage son out shopping, but first has to remind him how to cross the road.


The Point feat. Jennifer Jordan

A couple discuss with their tailor what ties are for and discover the more primal aspects of fashion.


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