The Answer feat. Jennifer Jordan

Two office workers consult a malfunctioning and mischievous Siri and find out more than they expected.



In a suspiciously quiet large office building, a manager calls in a courier, with a very specific set of instructions. Discover the dangers of downsizing.



The cockpit of a large commercial airliner. A maverick captain charts a unique route through the skies as his copilot admiringly watches.



A small town cinema. The film has finished playing, but a couple on a date stay quietly chatting at the back and eating popcorn. They discuss the outside world and the kind of monsters people can become if they’re not willing to sensibly block out the worst excesses of modern culture.


World Of Lamps feat. Rhiannon Vivian

In a strange shop with an array of lamps seemingly sprouting from the shelves, a man tries to purchase a new lamp, but the shop assistants won’t leave him alone and seem keen that he doesn’t leave.


Life Is Art, Reginald

A middle-aged married couple visit an art gallery, on a strange tour that seems to go on forever. Will they gain a new appreciation of art, or just bicker the whole way round?



Two men sit in a doctor’s waiting room and make awkward conversation. One of them is very sick, the other one isn’t, but is convinced that he might be able to help the man he just met.


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