Home feat. James Witt

Sophie and her husband Graham regret letting Sophie’s cousin Claire stay with them when she gets a bit too comfortable and starts to take over the house.

This audio play was improvised by James Irving, James Haskin and James Witt.


James Witt is part of the musical comedy collective Dreamweaver Quartet (alongside James and I’s James Irving). The first series of their musical dream analysis podcast : Dreamweaver Quartet is available on iTunes, Soundcloud and Podcast Pioneers now and the second series is due out in autumn 2019.
Twitter @dreamweaverQRT
Instagram @dreamweaverQRT

Other comedy projects include Newsical @NewsicalUK, This Is Soap, Theatresports UK, Comedysportz Berlin and Flashbulb.

Theatre credits include the U.K. tour of Unmythable, Newsrevue, Shakespeare for Breakfast and Boris Johnson in Brexit the Musical. TV and film credits include Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Infidel, White Teeth ‪and Plant Fashion‬.

James regularly teaches courses on comedy, performs and writes satirical short films with Hoopla Impro  @hooplaimpro

You can find him on Twitter @WittyLeaks / Instagram @Witty_Leaks


Recorded and mixed by James Haskin.

Music improvised by A Ninja Slob Drew Me, who has music available for free at Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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