The Magic

Two brothers catch up over the phone. One of them reflects on his career in magic and has to admit that things aren’t going particularly well.

This audio play was improvised by James Irving and James Haskin.

Recorded and mixed by James Haskin.

Music improvised by A Ninja Slob Drew Me, who has music available for free at Bandcamp. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

“Hotel room ventilator” sound by morosopher on freesound
“room-tone talking next room LONG 130104_01” by klankbeeld on freesound
“WALL LIGHT SWITCH” by StevenBrown on freesound
“Bird Cage Sounds” sound by 15050_Francois on freesound
“carpet_footsteps” by jskrundz on freesound
“rabbit eating grass” sound by BeeProductive on freesound